July Update

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To start this email off I just quickly want to explain our blog system to you. You and everyone else in our team is able to make a post like this by going to ScotEconConference.com/post! Just enter the password ‘ConferenceXXXX’.

The purpose of this is to democratise the ability to share updates, ideas and proposals (like this). Whenever a new post is made, all team members will receive a copy of it in their inbox (like this..!). An archieve of posts, as well as a space to comment on post, can be found ScotEconConference.com/blog.

Our Team

As of this moment we have over 20 committee members across 5 different universities. The final partner, Dundee, is expected to sign their contract any day now.

An exhaustive list of members can be found at ScotEconConference.com/team. Under the menu you can browse the various university teams.

Throughout the next few months I will be highlighting our various teams in these emails, with the first being that of St Andrews.

St Andrews’ Team

Adam Strømme
Director, 4th year Economics student and President of St Andrews’ Economics Society


Giovanna Drysdale-Anderson
Head of Logistics, 3rd year Economics student and VP at St Andrews’ Economics Society


Elliot Barker
Head of Student Speakers, 2nd year Economics and Mathematics student and Social Secretary of St Andrews’ Economics Society.


Rhea Karpe
Head of Sponsorship, 3rd year Economics student and Sponsorship Officer for St Andrews’ Economics Society.


Dilara Cankaya
Co-head of Sales, 3rd year Economics and IR student and Publicity Officer at St Andrews’ Economics Society


Yulia Yashneva
Co-head of Sales, 2nd year Financial Economics student and Treasurer for St Andrews’ Economics Society.

Our Progress

Harry (Chairman), Amana (Director of Logistics), Christina (Edinburgh Director) and I are working to appoint all key positions in Edinburgh. Likewise, our University Directors have been working hard to finalise our local teams. In the coming month, our goal is to have everyone involved in role-specific groups on Facebook or on Slack (a messaging service).

Although we have a backup venue, we are currently trying to confirm a larger, more suitable facility for our Conference. This has the highest priority, and I will let you know immidiately once we have confirmed a place and date. Please feel free to comment on this post (through the link below) what combinations of days you think would be best (Fri+Sat, Sat+Sun, Sun+Mon, etc), and whether a ball would be better held on the first evening or the second evening of the conference.

Finally, our Director of Sponsorship, Paulina, will be working together with our various Heads of Sponsorship to complete a pitchbook, which we will later use to seek sponsorship.

Inviting Speakers

We are encouraging every committee member to invite speakers. This will be done through our ScotEconConference.com/invite-speaker form (to make sure we don’t invite the same speaker multiple times). At the end of the form you can note whether you’d prefer to be responsible for the speaker (and invite him/her yourself), or if you’d prefer Harry (Chairman) to send the invitation and handle all future correspondence).

Once you’ve filled in the form, Harry or I will get back to you about how to proceed.

Graphic Designer Needed!

If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in working with us on making marketing materials, let us know! We are actively looking for someone experienced with Photoshop and/or Adobe Illustrator.

Website Designers (people experienced with WordPress) are also wanted.

London Meet-Up!

Since many of us either live or intern in London, we want to organise a meet-up next weekend. Please email me (oskar@scoteconconference.com) or PM me on Facebook if you would be available for Sunday the 9th!


Best wishes, welcome to the team, and enjoy the summer!
– Oskar

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