Heriot-Watt Committee

Andrew Armstrong - Samuel Matthan - Adam Mackenzie - Haashim Javaid

Head of Student Speakers: Andrew Armstrong is a 3rd year Finance MA student. He attended the SEC last year as student speaker for Heriot-Watt University, speaking on China's emergence as a global superpower.

Director: Samuel Matthan is a 3rd year Economics MA student. He is the current president of the Heriot-Watt Economics Society and was Head of Outreach for Heriot-Watt at the SEC last year.

Head of Outreach: Adam Mackenzie is a 3rd year Economics MA student. Heavily involved in the Economics Society, he also captains the Heriot-Watt Ultimate Frisbee mens team.

Head of Sales: Haashim Javaid is a 4th year Economics student. Currently Head of Marketing for the Heriot-Watt Economics Society, as well as being treasurer for the Sustainibility Society.